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THE PIT: POTEAU is above all, a Martial Arts school.  Opened in January 2010, the school teaches Hawaiian Kempo under John Hackleman, the creator of the system.   This system incorporates striking and ground skills from a variety of martial arts to ensure it is the most effective system of fighting and self defense available.  We promote traditional values to our students and pride ourself on creating a true family atmosphere for our students and their families.  We use a 16 belt system from white to black, with Black Belts awarded only by Mr. Hackleman himself. 

Although we are a Martial Arts school, the techniques in our curriculum are extremely effective in the sport of MMA.  This is evidenced by many of the top fighters in the world training at the PIT, including former UFC light heavyweight champion Chuck Liddell, WEC star Antonio Banuelos, and many other top fighters.  Of course, this means we attract and train many MMA fighters at the Poteau PIT also.  The great thing about about the PIT is that you can come and train like a UFC champion and not ever step foot in the cage.  We have no expectation that everyone who walks through the door wants to be the next UFC champion.  That is the beauty of this system- it doesnt matter if you want to train to compete in MMA, learn the most effective martial art available for self defense, or just get in the best shape of your life, you can do it here.  The success of our fighters is a mix of both an outstanding curriculum and a huge emphasis on conditioning.  We call our fitness/conditioning CrossPIT. 

With the addition of sport MMA taught by American Top Team certified Instructors, we can offer everyone from kids to adults a chance to train MMA in a safe environment with the best training anywhere in the area.

CrossPIT is a mixture of "old school" conditioning that will get you in the best shape of your life-guaranteed.  You don't have to be able to dance, or have any rhythm for that matter.  Anyone can do the exercises, which consist of things like push-ups, sit-ups, box, jumps, sledge hammers (on tires), bag work, etc.  Physical fitness/conditioning is such an important component of our system, it replaces traditional forms/kata.  Every belt rank has minimum fitness requirements that have to be met to advance in rank.  The reason for this emphasis is the proven direct correlation between your fitness level and your ability to defend yourself on the street, or win a fight in the cage.

Our Brazilian Jiu Jitsu (BJJ) classes incorporate both gi and no-gi training.  Although BJJ is primarily thought of in its sport application, the techniques are very reliable for self defense situations.  This is particularly true of the no-gi classes where the student is not only taught the sportive techniques, but also techniques to keep them safe in a self defense situation when striking is involved.  Our BJJ classes are taught by a certified instructor, and we are part of the KORE Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Association under  Master Luigi Mondelli of KORE BJJ/American Top Team-Connecticut. 

Our school is a fun and safe environment for anyone to meet their goals in Martial Arts no matter if you're male or female, 5 years old or 75 years old.  Come on in and JOIN THE OHANA!

Please feel free to call us anytime @ 918-839-2507 or shoot me an email to steve@oklahomacombatsports.com


It is our mission to instill confidence, self respect, self esteem, physical strength, and mental confidence in each and every Pit student.


It is well known that martial arts are one of the best ways for children to learn confidence, self discipline, and respect. These traits will help children succeed in life, at school, and at home.  Never be a bully, yet never be bullied!

This fun and positive class is designed to teach children the art of Hawaiian Kempo. Children will be taught basic karate, wrestling, Jiu-Jitsu, and fitness skills, while focusing on improving their listening, and motor skills. Kids classes focus on reinforcing positive discipline. Kids will learn these skills in a safe, playful, and positive setting.

These classes are safe, high energy and fun, while teaching the child the important life lessons.


This class is designed for children ages 6-14. They will learn leadership skills and a variety of mixed martial arts, such as groundwork, takedowns, striking, and self defense techniques. They will learn respect, self discipline, and confidence while becoming physically fit. Students will graduate through 16 belts as they earn their way to a junior black belt in Hawaiian Kempo.


Adult classes are designed to challenge students both through learning techniques and becoming physically fit.  A large component of the Pit curriculum is the physical fitness aspect of training.  All Pit students are expected to increase their levels of physical fitness to be eligible for promotion to their next belt level.  

All classes (adult and kids) are 2 times a week, with one day devoted to stand up/striking technique and the other to grappling/jiu-jitsu technique.  The curriculum taught at THE PIT: Poteau,  is the same curriculum taught at THE PIT headquarters.  Classes can be tailored to fit different levels/goals for students whether that goal is self defense, fitness, point fighting competition, or MMA competition.

Many people just want to train to get in better shape, learn self defense, or they just love the training.  Whatever the case, you can get it here.

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THE PIT: Poteau
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